Northeast Ohio Preventive Orthodontics

Preventive Two-Phase Treatment

Preventive Two-Phase Treatment before and After

Preventive orthodontics involves an EARLY PHASE of treatment for Northeast Ohio patients age 7-9, to correct developing jaw problems such as overbites and underbites and create space for crowded adult teeth to fit into the mouth. Treatment at this stage of rapid growth with braces &/or special jaw growing appliances can help prevent these problems from becoming severe. Following completion of early treatment, the child is observed periodically while the remaining adult teeth grow in.

What we are left with at that point, are properly aligned jaws & teeth that have fit into the mouth and require only a short SECOND PHASE of straightening with braces at an early adolescent age (11-12 years).

What we have avoided, is the possibility of a long, difficult treatment involving pulling of adult teeth or even jaw surgery.

My daughter was referred to Dr. Souris for her braces, and I must say that was one of the smartest choices we’ve made. The results were outstanding, and the office atmosphere was warm and friendly! I would highly recommend Dr. Souris to others.

Sarah V.

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