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Preventative Botox
Northeast Ohio

Botox is a safe and effective FDA-approved non-surgical treatment that can help with:

  • Cosmetic improvement of lines and wrinkles
  • Therapeutic Treatment of Clenching, Grinding, & Jaw Pain
  • Therapeutic Treatment of Recurring Headaches
  • Preventative Treatment to Avoid Facial Lines & Wrinkles

Cosmetic Treatment

Botox is a safe and effective way to get that more youthful appearance you have been looking for without any surgical intervention! It is an FDA-approved minimally invasive treatment that helps temporarily correct lines and wrinkles on the face. Injections in various areas help to relax the muscles which smooths and/or eliminates the appearance of wrinkles. The effects usually last an average of 3-4 months, but that time frame may vary between individuals. Dr. Souris is trained by the American Academy of Facial Esthetics to perform treatment in a safe and effective manner.

Therapeutic Treatment

Botox can also be an effective way to help control pain and damage to your teeth associated with clenching and grinding. Excessive clenching can result in jaw pain and wear and chipping of your teeth as well as potential breakages of existing crowns and bridges. Consistent injections to relax the jaw muscles can help minimize their clenching and grinding forces resulting in less pain and damage to the teeth.

Another effective use of botox injections is to help minimize and control recurring frontal and temporal headaches. Relaxing the muscular contractions that cause these headaches can decrease their severity and frequency of occurrence. It is important to note, however, that chronic migraine headaches are usually multifactorial in nature and may not be amenable to just botox treatment.

What is Preventative Botox?

Preventative botox is the latest trend in cosmetic care to help control the appearance of wrinkles in younger adults! It is a safe and effective way to prevent wrinkles from developing early. When used on patients in their 20's, Botox relaxes the muscles that produce wrinkles and lines. By preventing muscle activity and skin creasing that causes wrinkles over time, you can slow down the appearance of those signs of aging. By your 40's, instead of two decades of deepening wrinkle formation, you have had only a few years of this process. The result is delayed development of wrinkles and lines on the face.

What is the Best Age to Start Preventative Botox?

The best time to start preventative botox is in your mid 20's to early 30's. Ideally, you want to start treatment before the development of lasting lines and wrinkles. For some people, the timing of this treatment may be earlier or later than for others. If you have repeated facial movement that encourage line and wrinkle development, you may require preventative injections earlier. Dr. Souris can talk to you about your options and when is a good time to seek treatment.

Please feel free to text or call Sofia at 440-734-1146 and schedule a consultation to learn what botox can do for you!

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