Adult Braces Northeast Ohio

Are you an adult needing braces in Northeast Ohio? Schedule an appointement with Dr. George Souris to discuss your options. He's been paracticing in Northeast Ohio since 1990, and was one of the first Invisalign providers certified in Northeast Ohio

clear braces

Clear Braces

A great alternative for those worried about a "mouth full of metal".


Invisalign - The perfect alternative to braces!

It involves a series of clear aligners (retainers) that are changed every two weeks and gradually straighten your teeth WITHOUT BRACES! Each new set of aligners works like a tightening of traditional braces.

Dr. Souris is a LEADING PROVIDER and one of the FIRST CERTIFIED IN NORTH EAST OHIO! Imagine that - straight teeth with no braces! Check out the Invisalign information.

My daughter was referred to Dr. Souris for her braces, and I must say that was one of the smartest choices we’ve made. The results were outstanding, and the office atmosphere was warm and friendly! I would highly recommend Dr. Souris to others.

Sarah V.

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